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E YELLOW PAGES (http://www.eypindia.info) has launched operations in 2016 offering affordable ways of listing your business including free and prominent advertising options. Business listings are ordered in listing-style prominence and are randomly ordered ensuring fair positioning for all businesses regardless of business name.


NO AUTOMATIC PAYMENT RENEWALS: You only signup for 12 months and there is no obligation to renew. We do not set your payment to recurring so you do not need to worry about cancelling your listing. We will contact you near the time of expiry to see if you would like to continue listing on our website. Absolutely NO OBLIGATION.


You can choose from one of our affordable listings options and PAY SECURELY for Featured and Premium Listings to get listed ALMOST INSTANTLY on our online business directory and Improve your Visibility for increased business.


Features of our Listing Packages

Features Free Featured Premium
Price per Annum (₹) 0.00 1,000.00* 2,000.00*
Publish Days 365 455^ 455^
Featured NO YES YES
Image Limit (Min Size: Wd 640px: Ht 480px) 5 15 25
Categories Limit 5 10 15
Description Limit (Characters) 5,000 10,000 15,000
Tags Limit (Characters) 10,000 25,000 50,000
Google Analytics NO NO YES
Send To Friend Link YES YES YES
Phone Details 3 5 10
Email Details 0 1 1
Business Hours NO YES YES
Website Link NO 1 1
Website under our Sub-Domain NO NO NO
Twitter Link NO 1 1
Video Link NO 1 3
Review/Ratings/Comments YES YES YES

Note: Additional need based Custom Fields Available for certain type of listings, say, for Hotels, Online booking link etc.

  • * = Limited period offer, Valid till 31st, August, 2016.
  • ^ = Valid for the first year bookings, done before 31st, August 2016; post this date, validity will be for 365 days.
  • You can also List your business in additional Main Categories at only 50% of the price, for each additional Main Category.


Listing Categories

Our Listing enables Smart Search through the following well defined Categories:

Agriculture and Aqua
Apparel Footwear
Corner Stores
Eating Places & Bars
Event Management
Finance and Banking
Furnishings and Furniture
Home Electronics
Hotels and Lodging
Online Services
Telcom and TV
Travel and Tours

Note: For detailed suggested Tags for each Category Listing, please click here.


Note on Tags

Tags are important Key Search Words. Therefore, you should include all the Key Words as Tags, separated by commas. For example if you dealing in Footwear, please include all types of footwear you deal in , like shoes, sandals, chappals, sports, gliders etc. Also include the Brand Names you are dealing in.For best results, include all the products and services, along with Brand Names, you deal in.

An example of correct usage of Tags: footwear, shoes, sandals, chappals, sports, gliders, nike, bata, reebok, woodland, metro, action, liberty. Also use the Categories which you have selected.

Correct usage of Tags will help in better Search Results. If you have not included sandals as Tag, although you are dealing in them, the Search Results will not throw up your Listing.

The total number of Characters in Tags, including spaces and commas, that you are allowed is limited to the Listing Package you have selected: Complimentary=10,000, Featured=25,000 and Premium=50,000.



Listing Procedure

 The Listing can be done either by you directly on our website (http://www.eypindia.info) or through any of our Authorised Business Associates (ABAs). You have to register to create your Sign In User Name and Password, so that you have exclusive access (other than our ADMIN) to your listing for editing at a future date, as many number of times as possible.

We have also provided detailed Guides in the Website to enable you understand the Listings Procedure. Please note that Tags are very important to show results when searched through our Smart Search. You need to appropriately categorise your listing. You can also list in one more additional Main Category and pay the relevant additional price. In fact, a simple rule will be to add all the products / services and Brands you are dealing in, so that it will be helpful for the Searchers to find you.

Each Listing Package has provision for uploading Photos and other material. Kindly go through the Features of Listing Packages to understand them and keep the soft copies saved on your computer, so that you can upload the same at the time of Listing. In case you do not have them ready, you can always come back and sign in with your credentials to edit or update your Listing.

In case you do not have them ready, you can always come back and sign in with your credentials to edit or update your Listing. On the Home Page, on the left side bar, you will find the various Categories for your Listing, which will help you decide to choose the appropriate Category.

Once you are ready with your preparatory work, place your cursor on “ADD LISTING” from the Green Main Menu Bar. You will find a drop down list of Sub-menus. Choose the appropriate Listing Type where your Business or Service would fall in.

Once you have clicked on the Sub-Menu of the appropriate Listing Category Type, you will be taken to a new page, where you will be asked to sign in. If you have registered earlier, please register yourself and sign in.

Once you have signed in, you will be taken to the ADD Listing page, and on the top you will find the name of your Listing Category Type. If this is correct, proceed further, else go back to the Main Menu and re-select your Listing Type.

Step 1:

Select the Listing Package. From the available choice. If you choose the Premium Package, you will have an additional provision for Franchisee Settings. Tick the Check box if you wish to List your Franchisees. Once you tick the Franchisee Check box, you will find another box coming up to enable you decide what Fields you would like to lock, so that those fields remain common for your Franchisee Listings.

The Franchisee option will not appear for other Packages of Complimentary and Featured.

Step 2:

Enter Listing Details: The fields are self-explanatory and should find any difficulty in filling up the same. Please tick the check box “YES” for Business Owner/Associate? While entering the Listing Title, please enter the Name of your Business or Service and Location. For example, “Sai Enterprises-Hyderabad”, or “Sai Enterprises-Abids, Hyderabad”. Please do not enter any other info here. If entered, it will be corrected by our review team. Then enter the Listing Description, wherein you will give details of your business or service. In the next field, enter the Tag Keywords. Please refer the topic on Note on Tags here. In the Category field, you can add Categories as per the description in the said field.

Then Enter the Address, Region (State) and Town/City (City) in the respective fields. As you enter or select from the drop down menu of State, the next filed of City will be populated for the cities in our data base of that particular State. In case your town/city is not found in the drop down list, you may enter the same and it will be automatically added. Please wait a while till it gets populated. Then enter your PIN code and hit the button “SET ADDRESS ON MAP”. If you find the Marker on the map at the right place, you are done. Please do not touch the fields “ADDRESS LATITUDE’, ADDRESS LONGITUDE” AND “SELECT MAP VIEW”. Proceed to fill in the balance fields and upload the Photographs. The balance of the fields are Package dependent.

After you have uploaded the photos, please tick the check box “PLEASE ACCEPT OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS” and hit the button “REVIEW YOUR LISTING”.

You will be taken to the next page, where you can review the Listing as it would appear. If you want to edit the same, click the ‘EDIT” Button, else click the “PUBLISH” Button, which will appear for Complimentary; and for the Featured / Premium, you have to click the “PAYMENT” Button and you will be taken to the Payment page, which is again self-explanatory. Complete the Payment formalities.

Your Listing is now submitted now and it will be published for public view only after our Team reviews it and approves it. Our Team will make the necessary changes where required to ensure the listing falls within our parameters.

If you wish to Advertise on our site, please visit the link “ADVERTISE WITH US” from the Main Menu.



Video Tutorial on Listing Procedure: